Cleaner Energy

With utility-scale renewables taking off, are building owners being locked out of the true benefits?

Introducing SmartZero

For over 25 years, 3fficient has guided customers in managing energy better. Now, we are helping customers mow down their utility bills with SmartZero: zero cost, zero risk and zero carbon. So, whether you are looking for an experienced advisor, trusted partner or turnkey provider, 3fficient has the expertise to meet your needs.

Engineered Solutions

Solar Heating

Pools, comfort


Retrofits that slash HVAC, Refrigeration and Process

Thermal Energy Storage

Long life, sustainable H2O

Solar PV

Rooftop, architectural, canopy, carports, transit, groundmount

Small Wind

Buildings, infrastructure

Electric Storage

Versatile, small footprint


Process & Industrial loads

EV Charging

Clean transportation


Why use your own capital?