Introducing Fácil

Fácil lets you understand what every appliance, light, energy system and machine in your business has to say. Be informed. Listen to your facility.

Now, Fácil can manage and operate all those machines – automatically.  Go ahead.  Give your building a brain!  One that’s always learning and improving.

See what’s up and what’s on – when.

Know what’s happening in your business.  See how much energy is wasted when lighting, air conditioning or equipment is being left on or running at the wrong times.  Get tips on how your business can save money and get alerts when something’s not right.  Fácil listens to every machine and appliance in your building to make your business more efficient, productive and sustainable.

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Personal and engaging

Engage employees and tenants with information on their impact.  At a glance, see which equipment, suites, floors, departments and processes use the most energy and how they stack up to others. Track watts and kilowatt hours like footsteps.  Be more efficient than your peers and competitors.  Mobile makes life fácil (easy).

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Power is knowledge

Continuously monitor and benchmark savings before, during and after upgrades. Including distributed energy resources like solar and batteries.  Now you can truly tame the energy beast!

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BAS not required

Fácil is quick to install. It’s a small box that connects to your electric panel and the internet. It requires no connected devices. Fácil listens to everything in your business.  Fácil is flexible, it can even recognize and connect to just about any building automation system on the market.  If you don’t have one, that’s ok.  Fácil automations can easily control just about any hardware on the market – directly.

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About Us

Fácil is built by building scientists, technology experts and experienced energy managers.  This combined expertise has been poured into Fácil’s analytics and continually improving algorithms that monitor, predict and improve the performance of your facilities to make your life easy (fácil).

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What’s your building telling you?

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