Energy & comfort management – optimized.

Fácil is a cloud-based AI platform that makes advanced energy and comfort management easy.  “If you are managing energy from utility bills, want to reduce costs or improve productivity, you really need Fácil.”

Always On
Advanced optimization engine is ever vigilant, ever improving, always finding savings.
Good to go
Compliance and performance reports are easily generated - on the fly.
Please your audience with engaging environmental and performance interactivity.
Plan ahead with accurate forecasting and modeling.
Smart AI
Drive costs down with low cost, wireless sensing and automation
Small or fast growing, Fácil grows with your needs.

Sniffs out savings...

With our tiny clip-on sensors, you can monitor just about anything. With our brilliant cloud data crunching, Fácil analyzes trends and a multitude of other key performance indicators for you.  Like a bird dog, Fácil “sniffs out” energy saving opportunities and delivers them right to you for action.

Tenant Billing

Revenue grade metering for accurate billing.

Energy Management

Insightful, granular, actionable and real-time.

Monitor and Verify

Streamlines reporting for performance contracts.

Continuous Commissioning

Immediately prove what is and isn’t performing.

Manage Assets Better

Fácil allows you to better manage your assets by enhancing what you already have.  Whether you just want to manage a couple light switches and thermostats in your building or go completely off grid, Fácil easily scales up to a campus, community or global portfolio helping manage bulk energy procurements and demand response that can move markets.

Fácil readily interfaces with most types of energy systems and devices, including:

  • energy management systems
  • building management systems
  • utility smart meters
  • aftermarket energy meters
  • lighting control systems
  • direct load controllers
  • SCADA historians.

üGrid Management

Carbon Footprint Management

Dispatchable Renewables

Automated Demand Response

Peak Demand Management

Dispatchable Demand

Measurement & Verification

Time of Use Management

Automated Anomoly Detection


Gets everyone on board

Fácil takes an entirely different approach to facilities management.  By fully enabling tenants to stream comfort info and facility issues via their mobile devices, your operations team will always have the latest insights and granular trending about the health and safety of your facilities and equipment.

Users will feel empowered and technicians will be able to respond to issues – fully armed with all the details they need to take corrective actions on the spot.  Response times will be minimized and complaint emails virtually eliminated.

Say goodbye to the complexities of bloated facilities management systems.  Say hello to facilities management made easy!

Over the top efficiencies

Complaint Emails
Scoping time
Customer satisfaction & engagement.

Go wireless and save more

Remodeling or making energy efficient improvements has long been hampered by wiring costs.  In some cases, its cost prohibitive.  Now there’s a better alternative.

Fácil delivers fully wireless building automation and control (BAC) – quickly and easily.  Just add our small adapters to existing (e.g. light fixtures and HVAC units), stick our wireless controls (e.g. light switches and thermostats) where you want them and place our small secure communications receiver nearby.  After a quick initialization, your spaces will be fully wireless and easily reconfigured.  Fácil wireless controls are compatible with most legacy building management systems and easily scalable from single interior spaces to whole buildings, campuses and portfolios.

Say goodbye to expensive engineering, wiring and construction interruptions.  Say hello to extreme energy savings, continuous commissioning and tenant comfort.

Infinitely flexible
Modify lighting and comfort controls on the fly - without lifting a single ceiling tile, touching a single wire or cutting any drywall.
Smart adaptive IA
Continuous commissioning with self learning intelligent automation optimizes comfort, savings and equipment life.
Lowest cost
Eliminating wiring, redundant controls, unnecessary hardware and interruptions guarantees lowest installation and operating costs.
Norad secure
By using its own independent DHS-compliant network with redundant hardware and firmware firewalls, Fácil avoids the pitfalls that plague all other wireless systems on the market today.

Plays well with others… securely

Fácil can operate standalone or integrates easily with other legacy systems building management and control systems while adding layers of security not available in other systems.

Fácil supports wireless (802.11, 802.15.4, Bluetooth, Cellular) and wired (RJ45, RS485, KYZ Pulse input, dry contacts) communications.  More importantly, Fácil is multi-lingual with various protocols (Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, BACnet/IP, SNMP, SEP and others).

  • Certified Secure: High-levels of Information Assurance (IA) capability for data protection
  • Rugged Form Factor: Designed to withstand rigorous operational requirements and protect against harsh indoor/outdoor environmental conditions
  • Self-Organizing: Requires no manual configuration – simply power up access points
  • Self-Healing: Re-routing is automatic, ensuring always-on availability
  • Interoperable: Quick and inexpensive adaptable systems to meet custom requirements

3FFICIENT solutions yield the highest sustainable cost savings and ROIs in the industry. Because:

  • Insight.  We address efficiency for all levels of an organization: from operations & maintenance to capital improvements with flexible financing and implementation.
  • Practical.  Our solutions are practical and meet your constraints and economic criteria.
  • Experience.  We’ve engineered hundreds of facilities improvements.  Our team is led by seasoned experts in sustainable facility operations with core expertise in: energy, waste, water, communications and transportation sustainability, tax savings and finance.
  • Approach.  We approach your buildings as systems and get to the root cause of inefficiencies.  Our technicians and professional engineers will conduct an on-site field visit to evaluate various building systems and analyze the options and present the best measures for your needs.  That’s why over 95% of all our recommendations get implemented.
  • Technology.  We constantly stay abreast of the latest technologies and selectively work with some of the brightest new entrepreneurs to help them bring their new ideas to market.


  • We were really pleased how 3fficient educated us about energy efficiency, explored many options, came up with great "out of the box" solutions, and then walked us through the whole process.

    Larry Watt City of Encinitas / Director of Public Works
  • Your team provided a direction that was in line with our specific needs. The project leverages our natural Southern California resources, and saves taxpayers money on our already tight budgets.

    Don Bradley Cathedral City / City Manager
  • Your company's knowledge of LEED requirements is a refreshing change from the smoke screen that goes up when talking to firms with little experience.  Your fees were appropriate to the requirements and you completed the project in a timely manner.  Your assistance to our newly minted LEED AP was much appreciated.

    Stephen Johnson MW Services / SVP
  • This was an outstanding project from start to finish. Well done team. We will definitely consult with you again in the future.

    John Hickman City of Glendale / Director of Public Works
  • This project was very beneficial to us. Your expertise helped us develop an energy master plan while saving energy and building in additional automation so we can respond to different utility price signals immediately.

    Bob Markham City of Pasadena / Public Works Administrator
  • Your team has really helped us shave a bundle off our renovation plans, not to mention lowering future energy costs and improving tenant comfort.

    All the Doctors at Physicians Group Glendale Medical Office / All the Doctors
  • You guys sure turned our master planning upside down (in a positive way). It looks like we'll be a lot more efficient and provide service much more reliably than we have in the past and save more money than each year before.

    Mike Swanson Glendale Adventist Medical Center / Director, Operations (retired)
  • We are dedicated to providing a high quality experience for our guests as well as environmental stewardship. This project accomplishes both by making our facilities better performing, more reliable and energy efficient. Thanks for the creative solutions!

    John Stepanian Glendale Hilton / Director of Engineering
  • This is an excellent project which has greatly reduced our operating costs and control, extended the life of our equipment and most importantly improved guest comfort. Thanks for the creative ideas and making my job easier!

    Dennis Kinsley Starwood Hotels / Director of Engineering, Sheraton Harbor Island, San Diego
  • We were fighting an uphill battle against rising utility costs and low cost foreign competitors. Your analysis of our operations and the solutions to lower our water usage by 95% will make a huge difference to our competitiveness.

    Stephen Travis Oregon Cherry Growers / Executive Vice President

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