Project FreeCharge

Self-powered IoT infrastructure as a Service!

Making public spaces safer and more engaging!

Smart.  Self-powered.  IoT Connected.  Sustainable.  Flexible. Resilient.  |  No wires.  No trenching.  No utilities.  No hassles.  No clutter.  No worries.

Why FreeCharge?

Society is more mobile than ever before.  Yet, our public spaces are not very engaging, inviting or safe, especially at night.  So, we stay indoors or in our cars and sedentary. The U.S. Conference of Mayors and Public Safety Officials are dedicated to making our cities safer, smarter and more walkable.  But how?

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What is FreeCharge?

FreeCharge was spawned by mayors, university presidents and clean tech companies to embed sustainability into the public’s mindset and infrastructure while energizing and better protecting citizens and property.

Quite simply, FreeCharge is a great way to energize public spaces – sustainably.  Users can instantly recharge mobile devices or get free WiFi, localized info and feel safe while hanging out.  Planners and architects get new found design flexibility.  Safety officials increase security exponentially.  FreeCharge is reshaping how people view and interact with civic infrastructure.

For Planners

For Sponsors

For Everyone

Look what FreeCharge Can do!

Free Energy

Self-powered.  Works day and night.  No grid needed.

Free WiFi

Public or private, super secure connectivity enables cost savings and great new services.

Free charging

Ends digital range anxiety for a mobile society.

Smart Lighting

Brilliant, smart adaptive lighting engages, informs and directs.

Smart Sound

Embedded audio for infotainment and safety.

Smart Safety

Protect assets and people with video, crowd sensors, environmental sensors and “blue light” push to talk.

Super Sustainable

Long lasting & resilient.  Zero carbon footprint.  Completely grid free.

FutureProof Platform, IoT

Beauty and Power with easy secure cloud connected hardware and firmware upgrades.

Instant Install

Portable, bolt-down or drop-in.  No digging up sidewalks and streets.  No ongoing utility expenses.

Where is FreeCharge?

FreeCharge leaders are popping up everywhere.  FreeCharge units are self powered and drop in fast.  FreeCharge will soon be the fastest growing outdoor “network” around!

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