Project FreeCharge

Self-powered, smart urban furniture for smart cities and campuses.

Making public spaces safer and more engaging!

Smart.  Self-powered.  IoT Connected.  Sustainable.  Flexible. Resilient.  |  No wires.  No trenching.  No utilities.  No hassles.  No clutter.  No worries.

Why unplug?

Technology requires power.  Sustainability requires clean power.  Flexibility requires self-power.  Disconnecting from the power grid creates freedom!

Self-powered infrastructure means freedom to be up and running after a super storm or fire.  Freedom to move things without trenching and running new lines.  Freedom from waiting for utility approvals.   Freedom to provide new and innovative services where you didn’t have the power to before.  Freedom from ugly blighted conduit and devices hanging everywhere.  Freedom from ever rising electric bills.  Freedom to stay relevant!

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Look what FreeCharge Can do!

Free Energy

Self-powered.  Works day and night.  No grid needed.

Free WiFi

Public or private, super secure connectivity enables cost savings and great new services.

Free charging

Ends digital range anxiety for a mobile society.

Smart Lighting

Brilliant, smart adaptive lighting engages, informs and directs.

Smart Sound

Embedded audio for infotainment and safety.

Smart Safety

Protect assets and people with video, crowd sensors, environmental sensors and “blue light” push to talk.

Super Sustainable

Long lasting & resilient.  Zero carbon footprint.  Completely grid free.

FutureProof Platform, IoT

Beauty and Power with easy secure cloud connected hardware and firmware upgrades.

Instant Install

Portable, bolt-down or drop-in.  No digging up sidewalks and streets.  No ongoing utility expenses.

Show me examples

3fficient is installing and maintaining smart offgrid stations all over.  Here are a few early stage examples.

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