Engineered savings for the built environment.

Let us eliminate your big expenses

Here’s how…

Using advanced data analytics and decades of building engineering experience, we identify significant utility, maintenance and other cost savings for redirection back into your business, your people and your brand.  Then, we help you manage and implement no cost, low cost and capital improvements paid from savings, rebates and tax benefits.  You’ll get revenue and profit margin increases that’ll make your peers green with envy.  GUARANTEED!


Smarter and more efficient

Managing utility costs by reviewing monthly bills is like navigating with only a rearview mirror.  By connecting our proprietary cloud AI, we’ll give your buildings a brain to not only monitor performance in real time but the ability to adjust automatically.  Lighting, HVAC, comfort, security, maintenance.  It will all get better.  A lot better! Now with Demand Response and Smart üGrid arbitrage enabled!

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Clearly more sustainable

Sustainability is doing more with less. Like PermaClean℠.  A service that eliminates the need for constant cleaning by treating your surfaces to literally repel bacteria, mold, oil, water and odors.  Truly sustainable clean is now achievable for ANY building (inside and out).

Or Smart Insulation.  A treatment that far exceeds the performance and ROI of traditional insulation methods.  Imagine old single pane windows that outperform dual pane glass in blocking UV and infrared heat.  Or dynamic ceiling and roof insulation that utilize a building’s own heat flows to balance comfort while slashing power demand.  Download Brochure >

Truly energy independent

Coupled with efficient and sustainable improvements, 3fficient customers are on a path beyond net-zero energy to full energy independence and a true zero carbon future.  Renewables + Storage + Fácil = Smart üGrid.  Bye bye monopoly!

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And so much more…

3fficient has expertise with hundreds of smart efficient solutions, programs and utility tariffs.  Whether it’s a turnkey project or long term fitness program, we’ll help guide you on a path to a more efficient, productive and sustainable future.

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Fast and Easy Process

We assess your operations and engineer the best savings solutions for your organization.
Take a 2-minute assessment online and we'll benchmark your operations against your peers and competitors. We'll even provide indicative costs, savings and ROI for improvements.
We manage design & implementation with transparent commissioning and performance monitoring.
Upon engagement and funding pre-approvals, we'll provide detailed engineering, funding and implementation contracts for turnkey project management, commissioning and transparent performance validation.
You enjoy the accolades from your peers while our A.I. continues to drive even deeper savings.
You enjoy the many low and zero carbon accolades and the effectively free property enhancements. Your occupants and tenants will enjoy lower operating expenses and tell their friends how sustainable and great their community is.

Proven results

Retrofitting buildings, campuses and portfolios to be more efficient and sustainable is no easy task.  At 3fficient, we are immersed in the science of making existing buildings super efficient.  Whether you have modest goals, want to go net zero or completely off grid, we’ve got you covered.  With over $1 Billion in energy savings and international awards to prove it, we can deliver maximum value at no added cost – paid from savings!

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  • We were really pleased how 3fficient educated us about energy efficiency, explored many options, came up with great "out of the box" solutions, and then walked us through the whole process.

    Larry Watt City of Encinitas / Director of Public Works
  • Your team provided a direction that was in line with our specific needs. The project leverages our natural Southern California resources, and saves taxpayers money on our already tight budgets.

    Don Bradley Cathedral City / City Manager
  • Your company's knowledge of LEED requirements is a refreshing change from the smoke screen that goes up when talking to firms with little experience.  Your fees were appropriate to the requirements and you completed the project in a timely manner.  Your assistance to our newly minted LEED AP was much appreciated.

    Stephen Johnson MW Services / SVP
  • This was an outstanding project from start to finish. Well done team. We will definitely consult with you again in the future.

    John Hickman City of Glendale / Director of Public Works
  • This project was very beneficial to us. Your expertise helped us develop an energy master plan while saving energy and building in additional automation so we can respond to different utility price signals immediately.

    Bob Markham City of Pasadena / Public Works Administrator
  • Your team has really helped us shave a bundle off our renovation plans, not to mention lowering future energy costs and improving tenant comfort.

    All the Doctors at Physicians Group Glendale Medical Office / All the Doctors
  • You guys sure turned our master planning upside down (in a positive way). It looks like we'll be a lot more efficient and provide service much more reliably than we have in the past and save more money than each year before.

    Mike Swanson Glendale Adventist Medical Center / Director, Operations (retired)
  • We are dedicated to providing a high quality experience for our guests as well as environmental stewardship. This project accomplishes both by making our facilities better performing, more reliable and energy efficient. Thanks for the creative solutions!

    John Stepanian Glendale Hilton / Director of Engineering
  • This is an excellent project which has greatly reduced our operating costs and control, extended the life of our equipment and most importantly improved guest comfort. Thanks for the creative ideas and making my job easier!

    Dennis Kinsley Starwood Hotels / Director of Engineering, Sheraton Harbor Island, San Diego
  • We were fighting an uphill battle against rising utility costs and low cost foreign competitors. Your analysis of our operations and the solutions to lower our water usage by 95% will make a huge difference to our competitiveness.

    Stephen Travis Oregon Cherry Growers / Executive Vice President

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