Smart Zero

the most efficient path to greening your buildings

Naturally Comfortable

3fficient’s nano-technologies, smart LEDs and building A.I. allow natural lighting, perfect comfort and maximum efficiency to co-exist.  The result – less strain on your energy supply and workplaces that are far more productive and comfortable than others.

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Are your rooms comfortable without darkening tint or shades?

Energy Independent

3fficient is a leader in delivering reliable clean energy on premise.  We call it My Whenergy  Affordable energy on site where you need it and when you need it.  Our integration of smart energy storage and other improvements ensure you can go net zero now and even off grid on your schedule.  Incentives expire soon!

Easily Managed

Energy is far too expensive and complex to leave it up to the utility.  It need not be a full time job either.  With Fácil, one simple device can monitor and help manage energy use in every circuit.  Now you can easily eliminate energy waste, see how you compare to peers and monitor performance of any changes in your operations – continuously.  Go ahead, be a star!

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Are you wasting money on energy?

And so much more…

3fficient integrates hundreds of clean-tech solutions while moving building science forward – sometimes by giant leaps.  Whether it’s our proprietary liquid nano-tech that makes ordinary single pane windows outperform expensive dual pane replacements or solar panels that don’t get dirty or DoD secure wireless controls that cut installation costs by 70%, 3fficient building upgrades are more efficient than even most new LEED buildings.

Professional Services

3fficient provides customized professional services for your organization.  We are not a “job shop” selling staff hours.  We provide high value world-class expertise supported by modern analytics and digital tools to deliver results that will help propel your business forward.  With over 20+ years of green building expertise, you can be confident that we’ll deliver on our promise to help make your operations more efficient, productive and sustainable.

We offer substantial cost savings, reduced risk and positive impact through highly seasoned and credentialed expert services, including:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Engineering Management
  • Project Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Your team provided a direction that was in line with our specific needs. The project leverages our natural Southern California resources, and saves taxpayers money on our already tight budgets.

    Don Bradley Cathedral City / City Manager
  • This project saved us more than we expected. Thanks for the hard work and keeping the subcontractors on time. Tenant comfort and reliability has improved. That makes my job more enjoyable.

    Brad Heath CBRE / Property Manager, 101 N Brand, Glendale
  • Thanks for all the hard work. As soon as the new owners get settled, I will push to get your energy audits approved and implemented.

    Mike Cross Galleria Malls-Glendale Galleria / Property Manager
  • This project has not only made our buildings more comfortable, the learning experience has improved dramatically and allows us to illustrate renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy management first hand.

    Dr. Jean Lecuyer Glendale Community College / Director of Science Education Center
  • You saved us $200,000/yr. With our pre-tax profit margin, we would have to generate $4,000,000 in new revenue every year to accomplish that! That also increases our company valuation by $1,000,000. Thank you so much!

    Corporate CFO

Capital efficient process

  • Assess

    Get a free assessment to determine your best options for high performance improvements.

  • Engage

    Engage 3fficient as your project developer (financing and turnkey implementation optional).

  • Implement

    Implement 3fficient's high performance solutions with transparent performance monitoring.

  • Enjoy

    Enjoy the accolades from industry leading efficiency, productivity, sustainability and cost savings.

Proven results

Retrofitting buildings, campuses and portfolios to be more efficient and sustainable is no easy task.  At 3fficient, we are immersed in the science of making existing buildings super efficient.  Whether you have modest goals, want to go net zero or completely off grid, we’ve got you covered.  With over $1 Billion in energy savings and international awards to prove it, we can deliver maximum value at no added cost – paid from savings!

Zero out of pocket

3fficient is expert at finding savings and other sources of funding to make your operations more efficient and sustainable. So keep your check book closed.  Our team of experts will deliver the savings needed to re-invest in your facilities, your people and your operations.  Do more with less!  Be 3fficient.

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