• We engineer savings

    to make your buildings and brand more sustainable.
  • We develop new innovations

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  • We make buildings greener

    They asked for a roof repair, we gave them a civic movement.

About Us

3fficient is an international award winning clean-tech utility cost savings company. We work with building owners and their tenants to redirect incentives, energy, water and other cost savings back into their business, people and brand.  So far, we’ve saved our customers over $1 Billion (and counting).

We are a diverse team of engineers, building scientists, project managers, integrators and finance experts. Our bundling of innovative clean technologies and incentives far exceed results from a status quo approach. We have helped hundreds of businesses and institutions become more efficient, productive and sustainable while significantly decarbonizing their footprint. 

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Turnkey Solutions

Better value for the built environment

Advanced Microgrid

Energy on your terms. Not theirs. The rules are changing.…

Fácil A.I.

Facility management and automation is far too cumbersome. Fácil lets…


Buildings are woefully inefficient. They waste 30% - 50% of…

Getting Results

Great for our clients. Just another day for us.

Utility Savings
Utility Savings
Maint Savings
Maint Savings
Tax Savings
Tax Savings
Program ROI
Program ROI
Carbon Reduction
Carbon Reduction
Our Process

Our Process

Easy as 1-2-3



Start with our FREE ASHRAE Level 1 energy audit of your facility to see how you compare to peers and where to improve.



With simple engagement, you’ll get a no cost investment grade energy and water audit (IGA) of your facility and up to 100% funding for improvements.



Signup and you’ll get turnkey (design/build) implementation of energy and water upgrades guaranteed to make your business and operations more efficient, productive and sustainable.

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Some of our customers



Example Projects and Programs

700 N Central

USMCB Pendleton

Johns Manville

Glendale M.O.B.

City of Glendale

Mobil Convenience Stores

Cal Offset Printers

Sheraton Hotel

Pro Services

Stuff we do in house.

Energy Management

With energy being one of the top expenses of most organizations, managing the complexities can be very daunting, time consuming and costly.  As a result, most organizations leave it up…

Energy Engineering

3fficient has audited and re-engineered nearly every type of facility and building genre going back nearly 200 years.  We are building scientists and building doctors. We know what works and…

Project Management

3fficient manages energy projects, building upgrades and utility savings programs from inception and planning to execution, implementation and performance monitoring. Our experience exceeds 25 years, dozens of programs and hundreds…

Green Certifications

Going green isn't just great for the environment It's becoming a mandate by citizens, customers, investors and policy makers across the board.   It proves that you are being efficient…

About Our Services

We provide these services as part of our turnkey solutions or sometimes on a consulting basis. With over a quarter century of practice, we're pretty good at this stuff.



Industry insights, tips, tricks and news.

Free Money for Schools

Did your school miss out on the Prop 39 gravy train? Here’s the next best thing. 3fficient has secured access to federally backed, ZERO interest…

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