Evolve with 3fficient
become more efficient, productive and sustainable.
Marines zero in on target
3fficient supports mission for energy independence.
College gets greener every year
following 3fficient's energy master plan.
City starts green movement
fueled by international award winning upgrades.
New college facility overperforms
thanks in part to 3fficient commissioning.

Over $1 Billion saved.  Over 4.2 Million tonnes of CO2 avoided.

 Imagine how much more we can do together!

Greener Buildings
Greener Buildings

With millions of square feet of experience and in-house clean-tech incubation, 3fficient is leading the green building revolution.

Cleaner Energy
Cleaner Energy

3fficient is delivering clean, smart energy in new and exciting ways – making fossil fuels irrelevant.

Smarter Cities
Smarter Cities

Thanks to our innovations, cities and campuses can have beautiful and iconic infrastructure that is smart, flexible and resilient.

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