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Everyone benefits.

Each time someone you refer buys products or services from 3fficient, you’ll get up to 5% in cash back rewards.

“Thank you for the rewards.  We love what you’re doing.  We’ll use ours to buy more green products and donate the rest to a local charity (to motivate them to go green too).”

 – Lisa

Getting rewards is fast and easy.


Register now so you can refer others to help them go green.


The more your refer.  The more they buy.  The more you get.


Track the status of your referrals.  Redeem for cash, discounts or donate to your favorite cause.

It’s that easy.  You can redeem your rewards any time or have your checks sent directly to you.  The more your referrals buy, the more you make.  The more referrals you recommend, the better your chances of getting more rewards, while helping the environment.  Terms & Conditions apply.  FAQs.

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