Are the days of ICE numbered?

Today, one of the biggest automakers on the planet and the company accredited with developing the mass production assembly line has announced they will be aggressively moving to electrifying [...]

Rising Seas from Melting Ice Caps

OK carbon emitters and deniers, you’ve ignored the warnings and now you are getting the results.  Cities like Norfolk and Miami as well as the military are planning on building sea walls, [...]

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah – seriously…

When it comes to comedy, Jimmy Kimmel is right up there.  Now my new favorites are climate scientists.   As Jimmy says, ” they are people just like you and I but smarter”.  I just [...]

Man or Planet?

As we all “celebrate”  #EarthDay here are some questions to ponder: Oil or sun? Gas or electric? Surf or turf? Polarize or attract? Man made or natural? And now, the perspective… Oil or [...]

It’s time to cut loose!

Spring is here and along with it come all the amazing colors and festivities.  Enjoying the warm weather and the upcoming Earth Day celebrations reminds us of the fragile shrinking planet we all [...]

The Daily Show – Burn Noticed

Funny and scary at the same time. Maybe a shock buzzer for politicians would be a good invention? Every time they lie or say something really dumb, they get a shock… Watch this to see what [...]

It all boils down to the next 15 years

US Congress has gotten really good at kicking the can down the road, especially when it comes to climate change.  Doesn’t matter what party is in power.  It’s really up to the city [...]