Grid (un)reliability

US utilities have traditionally been known for high reliability, but all that is changing.  Fast. With power lines causing some of the biggest fires in US history, utilities are learning to cope [...]

Are the days of ICE numbered?

Today, one of the biggest automakers on the planet and the company accredited with developing the mass production assembly line has announced they will be aggressively moving to electrifying [...]

Urban Wind Making a Comeback?

About 2 years ago, I got a call from a local homeowner asking if we could help troubleshoot why his turbine was not generating electricity.  I said we typically work on commercial only, but he [...]

Why does my battery suck? – CNET

Why will public charging of mobile devices be needed for years or decades to come?   Here’s the simple answer… Phones, tablets and watches continue to improve. Their batteries? Not so [...]

My first year with an electric vehicle.

My first year with an electric vehicle has been very interesting. Buying a vehicle is a major purchase.  So, like most married couples, my wife and I discuss and agree upon all major decisions [...]

It’s time to cut loose!

Spring is here and along with it come all the amazing colors and festivities.  Enjoying the warm weather and the upcoming Earth Day celebrations reminds us of the fragile shrinking planet we all [...]

Do you support solar charging?

Our partner, Strawberry energy is competing to enter the Verge CleanTech Accelerator in Silicon Valley.  This is a great opportunity for a young startup to showcase in front of influential people [...]