Renewable energy is taking off. Are building owners being locked out of the true benefits? With international awards and now Fácil’s brilliant artificial intelligence, you can rest assured 3fficient will maximize benefits for building owners and their occupants.

World Class

3fficient personnel have been developing clean energy projects since the 1980s – before the National Renewable Energy Lab was even established. Today, 3fficient is pioneering new advances in renewable production, energy storage and micro grids for sustainable reliability and resiliency.

3fficient is fully qualified to engineer and develop a variety of energy solutions for various applications.

Solar HW

Pools, comfort

Evacuated Thermal

Process, refrigeration

Thermal Storage

Campus, Bldg, HVAC/R, Freezer

Solar PV

Rooftop, architectural, canopy, carports, transit, groundmount


Buildings, infrastructure

Electric Storage

Versatile, small footprint


Heavy process loads

EV Charging

Clean transportation


Why use your own capital?

For over a quarter century, 3fficient personnel have developed, engineered, managed or financed various types of commercial clean energy projects. Whether you are looking for an advisor, development partner or turnkey delivery, 3fficient has the experience and funding skills to support your unique needs.