Smart Microgrids

Creating sustainable resiliency is now a necessity.

Abnormal is the new normal

The 2018 fire season changed everything. PG&E equipment started the Camp fire killing 86 people and destroying 14,000 homes. From now on, CA utilities can either: turn off the grid, or face potential criminal liability for future deaths. State utilities have already announced they plan to turn off the grid during windy days.

How long can you last without power?

PG&E, SCE, SDG&E and others will be shutting off the grid to prevent wildfires. CA PUC Code § 399.2 gives utilities the authority to shut off power in emergency situations whenever necessary to protect public safety, for as long and as often as needed. Customers with solar, without energy storage, will still be affected.   

Backup power that pays for itself!

A 3fficient designed microgrid can can protect you from power outages while paying for itself. Through efficiency improvements, smarter energy management, generation and storage, you can isolate yourself from blackouts and expensive power spikes.

3fficient has extensive expertise with distributed energy resources.

Solar Electric

Rooftop, architectural, canopy, carports, transit, groundmount

Solar AC

Retrofits that slash HVAC, Refrigeration and Process

Solar Thermal

Pools, Comfort

Battery Storage

Versatile, small footprint

Urban Wind

Buildings, infrastructure

Thermal Storage

Long life, sustainable H2O


Process & Industrial loads

EV Charging

Clean transportation


Why use your own capital?

Want distributed energy for your buildings?

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