Advanced Microgrid

Energy on your terms. Not theirs.

The rules are changing. Abnormal is the new normal.

The 2018 fire season changed everything. PG&E equipment started the Camp fire killing 86 people and destroying 14,000 homes. From now on, CA utilities can either: turn off the grid, or face potential criminal liability for future deaths. State utilities have already announced they plan to turn off the grid during windy days.

How long can you last without power?

Utilities across the state of California and others will intermittently shut off the grid to prevent wildfires. CA PUC Code § 399.2 gives utilities the authority to shut off power in emergency situations whenever necessary to protect public safety, for as long and as often as needed. Customers with solar, without energy storage, will still be affected.   

Backup power that pays for itself!

A 3fficient microgrid can protect you from power outages while paying for itself. Integrating efficiency, generation and storage with Fácil‘s smart energy management permits customers to isolate from blackouts and create a valuable hedge against expensive power spikes.

Get Your Own Microgrid

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3fficient engineers are well versed in all energy technologies. We integrate the optimal solutions that are ideal for your operations.

Energy Generation

Solar PV

Solar photovoltaics can generate electricity and look good. But, they are often underutilized when it comes to cost savings or revenue generation. Solar alone will not provide for backup power either.


Wind is often overlooked in the urban environment. When engineered and architected properly, it can be an excellent source of resilient, clean energy. 3FFICIENT provides the only cost effective urban wind solution available.

Solar Thermal

Solar heating is now available for warm or even higher temperature needs in swimming pools, building heating and light industrial processes.

Solar A/C

Take a load off the power guzzling a/c units with 3FFICIENT’s unique SolarAC solutions pay for themselves overnight.


Microturbines and other combined heat and power solutions can cut energy use in half where process or industrial heat or steam is needed.

Energy Storage

Battery Storage

Batteries are versatile and relatively small, but they come in various chemistries and operating characteristics. Well engineered and implemented, they can yield great results. Poorly applied, they can be very hazardous.

Thermal Storage

When engineered and implemented strategically, thermal energy storage can take a big bite out of utility bills and even more when part of a well designed microgrid.