Smart Education Solutions

More efficient.  More secure.  More sustainable.

Schools define the fabric of our communities and the direction of society.

Some of the biggest challenges school administrators face today are providing a safe and comfortable learning environment so our students can become good citizens and outstanding leaders.  However, with daily security threats and skyrocketing utility costs, it can be very difficult for administrators to focus on their core business – educating students.

Fortunately, 3fficient has developed the leading solutions to improve safety and eliminate energy costs:

  • 3fficient is helping schools and colleges manage energy and all their fixed assets with Fácil.  A cloud-based software service that uses A.I. to automatically reduce energy and operating costs, Fácil quietly optimizes building and process systems behind the scenes.
  • With SmartZero, we are funding and implementing comprehensive comfort, performance and sustainability improvements.
  • With Project FreeCharge, we are extending safety, security and new services outdoors – without the need for trenching, wiring and major construction efforts.  FreeCharge teaches students, first hand, about biomimicry, photosynthesis and energy conversion in a world thirsty for sustainability.

3fficient’s extensive experience working with schools – large and small, public and private – allows us to service our academic clients with a unique perspective that integrates the experience of the many school districts we have served around the world.

Questions to ask:

  • Are your facilities aging and potentially wasting energy?
  • Are utility bills stealing from education materials and hiring great teachers?
  • Do your students and parents think your facilities are sustainable?
  • Are exterior grounds safe, well lit and well monitored?
  • Our facility was in such disrepair, we were seriously considering tearing it down. With your retrofits, the comfort is 100% improved. Now we can use the capital funds (we never seem to have enough of) elsewhere.

    Bob Driffill YMCA Health & Fitness Facility / General Manager
  • This project has not only made our buildings more comfortable, the learning experience has improved dramatically and allows us to illustrate renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy management first hand.

    Dr. Jean Lecuyer Glendale Community College / Director of Science Education Center

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