Building Efficiency

Imagine your building so efficient, your HVAC never comes on.

3fficient is pioneering new innovations that are practically making HVAC systems obsolete. That eliminates a lot of costs to free up hard earned capital for your business or budget. We have dozens of innovations, here are just a few:

Liquid Window Insulation

Windows and skylights are like giant energy holes with very little resistance to solar heat gain (or loss). Our new liquid window insulation is based on nano-technology that is 300% more efficient than traditional tints while allowing all the natural (visible) light in. After all who wants a window that you can’t see through?

Doesn’t bubble or crack, lasts indefinitely. Learn more >

Rooftop Insulation Shield

Roofs take a big beating from the elements and quickly lose their solar reflectivity (heat blocking skills). Our newest nanotechnology is more pliable and durable, more resistant to UV, heat and mold than traditional coatings. Even though it lasts longer than others, it can be re-applied indefinitely (e.g. every 10 years) making your roof last indefinitely.

Lightweight, flexible, resists mold. Learn more >

Dynamic Wall / Ceiling Insulation

Without thermal mass, buildings will overheat in the summer and cool too fast in the winter, forcing HVAC to take up the slack. Phase change materials (PCM) can BALANCE the loads evenly, thereby reducing peak energy charges and greatly improving comfort.

Passive demand management/load shifting

Lifetime Lighting

3fficient designers and lighting efficiency professionals have been designing lighting systems and upgrades since the 1990s when LEDs were only in control boards. Today, we are designing spaces with LED tubes, flat panels and strings that give entirely new illumination options.

Lighting that excels.

Double Efficiency HVAC

Introducing the Emperor heat pump. Coupled with the Solarac, it’s the most efficient comfort system in the world at over 28 SEER. Now you can cut your air conditioning bill in half with this quiet, long lasting system that performs even better when other systems struggle to keep up.

Super quiet. Long lasting. Small footprint. Economical. Learn more >

Double Efficiency HVAC

Introducing Solarac. This new technology does the opposite of what you might expect. The hotter the sun, the MORE efficient the air conditioning becomes. In simple terms, it absorbs heat from the sun and converts it into usable energy so power hungry refrigerant compressors are offloaded. Works on nearly all multi-stage and variable flow ac units and split systems. Fractional footprint of solar PV.

Long lasting. Small footprint. Economical. Approved retrofit for all major ac brands. Learn more >

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