Energizing public spaces with smart urban infrastructure.

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What is FreeCharge?

Project FreeCharge is a public / private initiative helping cities, colleges and other venues energize public spaces while making communities smarter, safer and more engaging.

3fficient is developing and supplying brilliant autonomous urban furniture and infrastructure that is giving new found design flexibility for planners and architects, reducing infrastructure costs, providing new public services and enhancing safety.

FreeCharge is reshaping how people view and interact with civic infrastructure.

Why FreeCharge?

Society is more mobile than ever before.  Yet, our public spaces are not very engaging, inviting or safe, especially at night.  So, we stay indoors or in our cars and sedentary.

The U.S. Conference of Mayors and Public Safety Officials are dedicated to making our cities safer, smarter and more walkable.  FreeCharge is designed to help civic and institutional leaders meet those needs while also making cities more sustainable and resilient.

Smart Urban Furniture

Innovative. Safe. Adaptable. Energizing. Inspiring. Social. Resilient. Sustainable.
Smart Trees
Smart Trees

Parks, Campuses, Stadiums, etc.

This iconic solar tree features large bench seating, lighting, 24/7 charging and safe (blue light) connect. Charge your portable device while enjoying the park or relaxing, day or night. Surf the web, get directions or find local attractions. It’s all powered by the sun – no extra power lines needed.

Smart Benches
Smart Benches

Parks, Campuses, Colleges, Malls and more

These modern benches are sure to engage your audience and energize your visitors. Now every bench provides local environmental data, device charging and 911 public safety or local connect. Benches are durable, weatherproof, sustainable and 100% recyclable.

Smart Metro Stations
Smart Metro Stations

Metro Centers, Transit, Campuses

This solar tree has bench seating for 12. It charges your mobile electronics, and other portable devices. It has mobile connectors and LED lighting built-in and provides several days of power without direct sunlight. Surf the web, get directions or find local attractions. It’s all powered by the sun – no extra power lines needed.

Smart Tables
Smart Tables

Cafés, Retail, Campuses

These outdoor tables seat 4 plus ADA access for 2 more. They come with 100% solar-powered USB outlets and 110v power outlets so users can charge mobile devices, laptops and monitors. With bright LED lighting and smart energy management, you are assured ample power even in the winter. Custom tabletops and bench materials are available.

Brilliant Streetlighting
Brilliant Streetlighting

Cities, Counties, Campuses

Our Wireless mesh networking is fully secure and DHS-compliant. With the added security comes the ability to include multiple services such as WiFi, video, environmental, noise, radiation and other sensors to enhance public safety while minimizing spurious alerts. Contact us about revenue generation opportunities for your municipality.

Custom Solutions
Custom Solutions

Just about anywhere

We develop custom and stylish urban solutions to make outdoor gathering fun and engaging. Let us integrate smart lighting, music, video, phone charging or other high tech features into your outdoor vision. So whether you want a custom bench, table, gazebo, pergola or architectural element, just contact us and let’s get started!

Choose your Features

Smart Lighting

Brilliant, smart adaptive lighting engages, informs and directs.

Smart Sound

Embedded audio for infotainment and safety.

Smart Safety

Push to talk “blue button”, smart sensors and connectivity protect citizens.


Works day and night.  No grid needed.

Free WiFi

Public or private, super secure connectivity enables cost savings and great new services.

Free Charging

Ends digital range anxiety for a mobile society.

Carbon Free

No fossil fuels.  Shrinks your carbon footprint.

FutureProof Platform

Beauty and Power with easy hardware and firmware upgrades.

Cost Savings

Portable, bolt-down or drop-in.  No digging up sidewalks and streets.  No ongoing utility expenses.

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