Smart Government Solutions

More efficient.  More secure.  More savings.

Cities are home to most people on the planet.  Shouldn’t they be safer, more sustainable and more resilient?

Cities and towns have never been more important, nor the competition among them more intense. Those that are staying the most relevant are more engaging, more sustainable and more resilient.  They are efficient and do not waste capital so they can grow in times of opportunity and remain strong through times of difficulty.

At 3fficient, we offer incredible depth of expertise in green buildings, clean energy and resilient smart city solutions.

  • 3fficient is helping local governments manage energy and all their fixed assets with Fácil.  A cloud-based or on premise software service that uses A.I. to automatically reduce energy and operating costs, Fácil quietly optimizes utility, building and process systems behind the scenes.
  • With SmartZero, we are funding and implementing comprehensive comfort, performance and sustainability improvements.
  • With Project FreeCharge, we are extending safety, security and new services outdoors – without the need for trenching, wiring and major construction efforts.  FreeCharge teaches students, first hand, about biomimicry, photosynthesis and energy conversion in a world thirsty for sustainability.

3fficient’s extensive experience working with small cities and rural towns – allows us to service our local government clients with a unique perspective that integrates the experience of the areas we have served around the world.

Questions to ask:

  • Are your facilities aging and potentially wasting energy?
  • Are utility bills stealing from public safety and hiring great staff?
  • Do your constituents think your facilities are sustainable?
  • Are your parks and open public spaces safe, well lit and well monitored?
  • Is your community attracting great citizens?
  • We were really pleased how 3fficient educated us about energy efficiency, explored many options, came up with great "out of the box" solutions, and then walked us through the whole process.

    Larry Watt City of Encinitas / Director of Public Works
  • Your team provided a direction that was in line with our specific needs. The project leverages our natural Southern California resources, and saves taxpayers money on our already tight budgets.

    Don Bradley Cathedral City / City Manager
  • This was an outstanding project from start to finish. Well done team. We will definitely consult with you again in the future.

    John Hickman City of Glendale / Director of Public Works
  • This project was very beneficial to us. Your expertise helped us develop an energy master plan while saving energy and building in additional automation so we can respond to different utility price signals immediately.

    Bob Markham City of Pasadena / Public Works Administrator
  • This was a marquis project, not just for Port Hueneme, but for the entire US Navy. While the energy savings are substantial, even greater value will be realized through the replication and adoption of your innovative "net zero energy" building retrofit by other public and private sector organizations. Your engineering is certainly industry leading. Thanks for the leadership and service.

    Chris Karandang US Navy / Port Hueneme (Home of the Sea Bees)
  • Your management of the Load Curtailment (Demand Response) Program achieved phenomenal results and was a tremendous help to avoid blackouts for thousands of customers in our area (and the state). Above all, you treated our customers like gold working seamlessly as part of our team.

    Don Pappe Pasadena Water & Power / Director
  • We selected you because of your experience and credentials and most importantly, your attention to detail and diligence. We have expanded our contract with your firm because of your cost effective, high quality work and the loyalty you have to customer focus. Thank You.

    Leeanne Uhler Riverside Public Utilities

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