Oceanside, CA – 3fficient has secured over $2 billion in project capital for energy and infrastructure projects.  This capital is available for energy upgrades at public, non-profits and for profit facilities.  The objective of the funding is to eliminate the biggest hurdle to sustainable buildings and infrastructure improvements – capital.

Buildings are historically inefficient because construction costs and even renovations are minimized to save capital.  Most existing buildings don’t even have solar rooftops because of the extra capital required.  When owners do have the capital, it is competing against revenue generating projects or public interest projects.  Meanwhile, the building stock across the US stays inefficient and ever-reliant on utility power.

With the average fossil power plant roughly 33% efficient and transmission losses of 5-8% across the US.  “That’s a lot of waste and a lot of unnecessary pollution.  That means every energy unit saved in a building equals 3 – 4 times that amount of fuel not burned in a fossil plant,” said Doug Poffinbarger, 3fficient President.  With significant capital funding, we can change that equation.

These funds are earmarked to help public agencies, schools, non-profits and businesses to reduce energy use, primarily through energy efficiency and solar upgrades.  Since the capital is from private investment, it works especially well for public agencies not able to utilize tax benefits or private entities lacking sufficient capital or who prefer off balance sheet investment to keep credit ratings high.  “At the end of the day, as aggregators and integrators, we have flexibility to leverage these funds so our commercial, education and government clients can do so much more while using less.  Now we just need to get the word out, so they can contact us and take advantage of this virtually free money“, continued Poffinbarger.

About 3fficient  
3fficient is accelerating the transition to a clean energy future by developing the world’s first free public charging network while modernizing the built environment to be more engaging, productive and resilient.  So far, 3fficient has saved its clients more than $1 Billion in energy savings and carbon reductions (and counting).  Do more.  Use Less.  Be 3fficient!

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Eric Flynn
888-533-3487 | www.3fficient.com

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