Dallas – US Mayors Conference President, Kevin Johnson called on all US Mayors to move cities forward as Cities 3.0

The vast majority of the population is moving to cities.  Cities have the responsibility to be sustainable and enable technologies that improve society.  “Cities are rapidly going digital.  There are more smart phones than phones and more tablets than laptops. Cities now must fulfill services instantly and embrace technology to provide those services faster and less expensive while being hubs of innovation”, said Mayor Johnson.  Cities are the engines of change, the über-collaborators of growth!  The US Mayors Conference President announced the 5 most important initiatives of the US Mayors this year, summarized below:

  1. Invest in smart infrastructure to lay the foundation for sustained growth in transportation, water and energy.
  2. Embrace Sustainability to aggressively fight climate change
  3. Enable Opportunities to embrace social collaboration and (business) creativity to end income inequality.
  4. Develop advancements in free trade to bring the manufacturing renaissance back in the US.
  5. Kids are going digital and using digital devices to access all their media and information.  We need to embrace that, not only in the classroom, but in our communities.

“It is clear that Cities are now the leaders.  Not states and certainly not the federal government”, explained Johnson.  It is up to the cities to lead our nations and collaborate globally.

Interestingly, just a few days prior, the New Cities Summit, the global brainstorming event of thought leaders and innovative Mayors, selected 3fficient’s Strawberry Trees and charging stations as one of the most important innovations needed by every city of the future.  These innovative smart chargers, meet all 5 initiatives of US Mayors and more:

  • They reduce the carbon footprint of every city by eliminating the need to power mobile devices from utility-based fossil fuels.
  • They embrace the digital growth of cities by enabling the public to sustainably and safely recharge their batteries and digital gadgets.
  • They act as local innovation and social hubs while people relax, de-stress, reconnect and recharge personally.
  • With smart sensors, they provide resilient and reliable digital infrastructure for cities to deliver enhanced wireless connectivity and extend their digital assets while enhancing public safety.
  • They provide a digital connection through our charging app and environmental sensors that allow cities and sponsors to connect directly to users about their city, local conditions and sustainability.
  • They are produced locally and installed locally and completely sustainably.
  • They enhance and extend the smart infrastructure of every city, community and campus with resilient energy and power that works 24/7 without reliance on the faulty, carbon-heavy grid.
  • Lastly, they are works of public art that are enduring and enhance any city, park or campus.

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