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3fficient was recently approved by the State Utilities to develop energy storage projects in California.  The award is over $30M in customer rebates to spur rapid adoption of distributed sustainable energy storage projects, primarily in San Diego the region.

3fficient was likely chosen because of its proven ability to engineer and manage highly cost effective energy efficient upgrades with energy sensing that monitors energy use on every circuit in the building, helping manage complete building performance before, during and after improvements.  As a result, net zero energy upgrades can be sustainably delivered, while improving the regions energy security.

“Right now, our favorite energy storage media is everyday tap water”, said Doug Poffinbarger, company President.  “One of our partners, Ice Energy makes a highly sustainable ice storage unit that connects directly to existing air conditioners to offload cooling to night time when it’s cooler outside and electric rates are much cheaper.  This makes it possible for our customers to have greater control of WHEN they use energy and how they consume it.  We call it, My Whenergy“.  In some cases, energy storage rebates can add up to 90% of the system costs.

This new flexibility can dramatically change the customer’s relationship with their suppliers (utilities) and their neighbors.  With storage and smart energy management, 3fficient customers can dynamically shift loads to minimize costs or even maximize profits if self generating.  Doing this lowers customer costs and helps stabilize the aging utility grid, benefitting their neighbors.

With 3fficient’s smart energy monitoring and management, called Fácil, customers don’t have to be energy experts either.  Everything is monitored remotely and continually optimized at the device, circuit, building or even portfolio level.  This allows owners and CFOs to really understand where their energy dollars are being spent and exactly what they can do about it to improve performance.  The system also helps identify equipment issues so simple tune-ups and corrections can be made before expensive failures occur!   Once again, 3fficient is doing more with less for its customers.

About 3fficient

3fficient is on a mission to make fossil fuels irrelevant. We are incubating new clean technologies, bringing game changing building science to market and modernizing the built environment to be more efficient, productive and sustainable.

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Eric Flynn
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