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3fficient to pioneer new nanotechnology service that keeps buildings cleaner longer – inside and out!

PermaClean™ is a new service that is sure to change how buildings are kept clean.  Instead of using traditional chemicals or even “green” cleaners, PermaClean nanotech coatings applied directly to various materials and substrates, leave them with super properties they did not have before.

Cleaning really hasn’t changed much in hundreds of years.  It still involves repetitive labor with cleaning agents which are sometimes pretty harsh chemicals.  Over the last several years, green building ratings and more environmentally responsible operators have been replacing harsh chemical agents with more environmentally friendly “green” products.  Sometimes these gentler products don’t clean as well, resulting in the need for more “elbow grease”.  For commercial operators, that means increased labor costs.  But, what if those surfaces just stayed cleaner longer?

3fficient is a cost cutting firm that identifies inefficiencies and fixes them for companies.  So, after seeing a lot of high costs for cleaning, we started looking for ways to change the paradigm.  Substituting cleaning agents just wasn’t sufficient so, in concert with some very forward thinking partners, we developed a new approach.  Instead of fighting nature, we strive to learn from it. So we worked with partners to source and develop new technologies to solve our needs.  By using biomimicry with advances in nanotechnology, we reasoned we could apply coatings to give various substrates new and exciting properties.  Properties such as anti-microbial, antistatic, dirt, mold, bacteria, oil and water repellency.  By doing so, we could make interiors and exteriors that stay cleaner longer and last longer because they weren’t getting beat up by constant cleaning.

Imagine a food prep area that won’t get salmonella from raw chicken?  Or tile flooring in hamburger kitchens that don’t get greasy and slippery? Or hospitals where bacteria has nowhere to stick? Or bathrooms that never get dirty?  Nobody really likes to clean, so why not try to eliminate the need for it?  Doing this takes the risk out of problems that get really embarrassing or downright scary really fast. Just look at Chipotle’s stock price in 2015 and again in 2017.

If PermaClean keeps things cleaner longer, it will be a big success.  This will make buildings healthier, safer and higher performing.  Operating costs will go down and sustainability will go way up.  With a little luck, we’ll be making restaurants, hospitals, offices, homes and all kinds of places cleaner longer or maybe even permanently!

About 3fficient

3fficient is on a mission to make fossil fuels irrelevant. We are incubating new clean technologies, bringing game changing building science to market and modernizing the built environment to be more efficient, productive and sustainable.

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Eric Flynn
888-533-3487 | www.3fficient.com

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