OCEANSIDE, California – Now available from 3fficient.com –  free, secure phone charging for outdoor locations.  3fficient is an authorized distributor of WrightGrid solar charging stations.  WrightGrid’s convenient, secure, mobile ARC charging stations allow users to securely lock their devices while they are being recharged.  The stations are made for portable or permanent installation just about anywhere.  They are great for: college and school campuses, stadiums, arenas and sports venues, resorts and theme parks, retail outlets, theaters, festivals and trade shows or any outdoor location where secure phone charging, branding or advertising is desired.
Quickly identifiable for cell phone users on the go, these 100% solar powered chargers are built with innovative Charge Wright Technology.  Each station provides a robust, efficient charging solution so there’s no need for expensive electrical infrastructure modifications. Each WrightGrid station offers a unique branding and advertising platform for organizations embracing secure charging with sustainable, renewable energy and clean tech innovation.

Each charging station can be wrapped in a custom vinyl skin to match the look and feel of your brand. Each comes with ten (10) resettable combination lockers so guests can leave their devices to charge up and come back when they’re fully charged.  With the pervasive popularity of battery-powered cell phones and wearables, having an ARC charger around is sure to draw a consistent stream of fans to your location.

“At all the events where we have deployed our stations so far, the user experience has been amazing, We frequently saw lines more than 50 people deep”, said WrightGrid’s Founder & CEO Ryan Wright.  “Over multiple events, we found that many visitors often came back a second time and brought friends with them. With all the new foot traffic, brand impressions and deep customer engagement, our clients have been ecstatic about the results,” continued Wright.

“We’ve done a lot of testing (and improvements) to get to this point.  We are extremely confident in the product’s durability, safety and ‘customer magnetism’.  We are excited about the growth potential and are confident this product will exceed customer expectations.”, continued Wright.

The WrightGrid ARC Chargers™ are manufactured in the USA and now sold in the United States and Mexico through 3fficient.com. The ARC Charger taps directly into the Cleantech and sustainability industries by offering an off-grid, solar powered charging solution to over 5 billion consumers of electronic devices. This innovative product is expected to produce outstanding marketing value for owners while providing a valuable free charging service with zero emissions, solar power instead of fossil fuels.  “This approach really illustrates that solar energy can be the more resilient and accessible fuel of choice”, said Doug Poffinbarger, CEO of 3fficient.  We’re thrilled to add WrightGrid’s ARC Charging Stations to our growing portfolio of sustainable, FreeCharge™ solutions, continued Poffinbarger.
Units are available for purchase and support at 3fficient.com and shipping now.
About WrightGrid:

WrightGrid designs and manufactures solar cell phone charging stations that act as high visibility advertising and sponsorship platforms for our customers in a variety of outdoor locations. Our goal is not simply supplying power on the go where options are limited or non existent. We aim to provide the public with ongoing exposure to, and increased familiarity with, the far-reaching benefits of renewable energy sources and the positive impacts of sustainable business, as demonstrated by our charging station sponsors.
About 3fficient

3fficient makes buildings greener, energy cleaner and cities smarter.  Our mission is to make the world more efficient, productive and sustainable. We are accelerating the world’s transition to an efficient, clean energy society with sustainable energy products and services that are attractive, cost effective and resilient.   We’re catalyzing change in the industry with our patented charging stations, award winning net-zero building retrofits and innovative sustainable communities.  So far, we have saved our clients over $1 Billion USD (and counting) while making significant strides in improving the lives of others, the environment and our clients’ revenues.

For media inquires, contact us online or call 888-533-3487.

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