SAN FRANCISCO, California – 11/05/2014. As Americans vote for their civic leaders, Silicon Valley tech and sustainability leaders voted the iconic Strawberry Tree as the best competitor of Verge’s 2014 sustainable new technologies on October 28th. Verge is an annual summit where thought leaders, civic leaders, tech leaders and venture capitalists convene to flesh out new sustainability-oriented tech trends for California and the world.

Strawberry energy showcased smart technologies for the Strawberry Tree on their first ever scaled down working model. Summit visitors had the unique opportunity to recharge their mobile devices during the conference and see live local microclimate and environmental data such as noise, pressure, humidity, CO2 and temperature. Meanwhile visitors were able to interact with the Tree directly from a mobile app that allows owners to change the embedded LED lighting colors and effects.

“I really liked Miloš’s approach. He is taking something like renewable energy, which to many of us exists on a roof top or on wind turbines out in the field, and he has brought it into the urban core and made it a place to socialize. Really interesting way…It’s not something that will move the needle in renewable production, but it’s going to absolutely gather people around the idea of renewables”, said Rodrigo Prudencio, VC and CEO of TunariCorp.

“This is a great opportunity for us to showcase our sustainable solutions in the US market. Reactions have been amazing.  We’ve already started negotiations for multiple installations of our smart city platforms in California and around the states”, said Miloš Milisavljević, CEO and founder of Strawberry energy.  Strawberry energy will be jointly exhibiting with their US Partners, 3fficient, at the Green Schools Summit in Pasadena on November 5th and 6th.  After that, Milisavljević will be back in San Francisco addressing the Silicon Valley technorati at “Re:Work Internet of Things Summit”.

“This is the beginning of deploying clean, scalable, energy supply that is truly resilient (not grid dependent).  All of us at 3FFICIENT are excited to represent Strawberry energy in North America, launching the iconic Strawberry Tree, which not only showcases grid-free renewables, but seamlessly provides non-polluting, smart charging and sensing that improves public health and safety with these smart urban devices”, said Doug Poffinbarger, Strawberry energy official distributor for U.S.

VERGE Accelerate is a pitch competition that provides entrepreneurs the opportunity to get in front of the diverse VERGE audience: executives from the world’s largest companies, public officials from progressive cities, venture capitalists and others. VERGE is GreenBiz Group’s global event series focused on how technology accelerates sustainability solutions across industries and sectors.

About Strawberry energy

Strawberry energy develops green and smart urban devices to provide people with energy, connectivity and local information in public spaces. Their Strawberry Tree hangout is a solar urban device and a smart city platform, which provides free mobile phone charging, WiFi internet, local information, and environmental sensing. It is conveniently placed all around the city to answer the “thirst” for power and connectivity. Managed by patent pending smart electronics and due to rechargeable batteries, it can work for 20 days without Sunshine. Being a platform, Strawberry Tree can easily integrate and support third party solutions as well.

So far, 350.000 users were actively engaged with 12 Strawberry Trees across Europe, charging, surfing the web or simply socializing.

About 3fficient

3fficient is the exclusive distributor and integrator of Strawberry energy products in the US.  3fficient is a fast growing solutions company on a mission to make our customer’s operations more efficient, productive and sustainable.  We deliver services and solutions that address our customer’s largest cost centers: energy, healthcare and labor.  So far, we have saved our clients over $1 Billion USD (and counting) while making significant strides in improving the lives of others, the environment and our clients’ revenues.   By doing this, we can envision a day when all enterprises and communities are sustainably self-sufficient and non-polluting to the environment we all share.

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