The world’s first public solar charger for mobile devices, The Strawberry Tree™, is soon to sprout in the USA, as the distribution agreement between Strawberry energy, its inventors, and 3fficient of California was recently signed.

Strawberry Tree is a public solar charger for mobile devices and free WiFi station, where people can gather and, by harnessing the energy of the sun, juice up their phones, tablets, mp3 players and other devices they depend on in their everyday lives. Bad weather is not the obstacle; people can recharge at this solar station even during the winter, when its snowy, rainy or night, due to its strong capacity and built-in energy storage.

Apart from charging devices, this technological giant serves also as a hot spot for gathering and socialising with other users. Protected from diverse weather conditions by the partial roofing, people can meet, chat and make new friendships while their phones and tablets are charged. There is no need to bring personal chargers; 16 mobile device connectors are already built in, waiting for people just to plug in.

Strawberry energy, the developer of the Strawberry Tree, has already won several awards for their designs in Europe and is creating quite a buzz internationally.  It has been noted by international media portals such as BBC, cnc, Time and others.  According to Mashable, “it is one of the 25 technologies every smart city should have”.  In addition to its highly useful benefits, the patent pending Strawberry Tree raises awareness about the importance of clean green technologies.  So far, two European countries have embraced the Strawberry Tree.  More than 350,000 different people are charging their devices completely from solar power at twelve different locations.

“We are excited to expand into the US market where mobile devices are taking off and Americans are starting to embrace clean energy”, according to Milos Milisavljevic, CEO of Strawberry energy.  “We are thrilled to partner with 3fficient and leverage their expertise and credentials in the built environment.”  “We expect Strawberry’s beautiful designs and innovative spirit to attract a lot of interest with cities, universities, and large campuses that want to take a load off of their energy costs and be more sustainable”, said Doug Poffinbarger, President of 3fficient.  The initial step has already been made, as the California Community College system has recognized the value of this clean technology and signed their letter of interest.

About 3fficient

3fficient is the exclusive distributor and integrator of Strawberry energy products in the US.  3fficient is a fast growing solutions company on a mission to make our customer’s operations more efficient, productive and sustainable.  We deliver services and solutions that address our customer’s largest cost centers, such as energy and labor.  So far, we have saved our clients over $1 Billion USD (and counting) while making significant strides in improving the lives of others, the environment and our clients’ revenues.   By doing this, we can envision a day when all enterprises and communities are sustainably self-sufficient and non-polluting to the environment we all share.

About Strawberry energy

Strawberry energy is a young startup, motivated by a simple purpose: to make renewable energy sources more accessible to everyone. “We believe that one day the whole world will be powered by clean energy and we want to contribute to making the world a better place. Through everyday use of our devices that are powered by renewable energy sources, we are giving a chance to each individual in the community to learn, realize and understand the idea of clean, green technologies.”

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