Emperor Heat Pump

Looking for a better a/c unit?  Want to decarbonize your footprint?  The Emperor heat pump series of ducted heating and cooling is the most efficient system on the planet.

Utilizing variable speed compression, as well as incorporated advanced solar thermal technology, it provides quiet, reliable, and cost-effective comfort for your home or office.  Coupled with the Solarac, radiant thermal energy from the sun is infused into the vapor refrigeration cycle to directly offload the refrigerant compressor or inverter.  As a result, power demand and system energy use are cut by 30% – 40%, raising system efficiency up to 32 SEER – a world record!


Most A/C units prior to 2006 were only 10 SEER when they were new.  By 2018, high efficiency EPA Energy Star units have only risen to 16 or 18 SEER.  By contrast, the American-made Emperor heat pump coupled with the Solarac solar thermal assist creates a hybrid  heat system with Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios up to 32 SEER!

With a new Emperor / Solarac hybrid , you can cut energy and power demand from your comfort systems by 50% – 66% overnight.  Better yet, the installed cost is only slightly higher for a quiet, longer lasting heating and cooling system free of gas and carbon emissions.

Guess what?  The hotter it gets, traditional system really struggle to keep up.  Not so with the Emperor / Solarac hybrid.  The more intense the sun, the better this little hybrid performs!


  • The Emperor Series heat pump uses Silent Technology to deliver sound levels as low as 56dB.   That’s half the volume of other standard home comfort systems and equivalent to a kitchen refrigerator.
  • The advanced fan blade design provides vortex suppression to reduce the sound of airflow exiting the unit, maintaining low noise levels – even in high speed operation.
  • The insulated compressor compartments minimize operating noise with innovative, industry leading materials and sound isolating compressor mounts.
  • The Solarac solar component keeps your system running at lower speeds longer, when compared to a traditional DC inverter system, making an already quiet system… stay quiet longer.

Unlike other high-efficiency systems, the Emperor cabinet sizes are more accommodating to smaller spaces, even closets and attics. The Emperor air handler may very well fit where other brands may not.

Just one 6′ x 6′ Solarac panel makes all the difference. The energy savings from one (1) Solarac panel is equivalent to adding up to twenty (20) traditional solar PV panels – or more!  With this small lightweight footprint, it can be mounted on the ground, most roofs, canopies or even above the Emperor heat pump unit.

The Solarac can be mounted onto a variety of roof surfaces, such as asphalt shingle, tile or metal. Ground mounting and pole mounting systems are also possible.


The Emperor Series heat pump instinctively adjusts the output capacity, allowing the indoor temperature to remain at the desired setting without fluctuation.

When in heating mode, the, Solarac wall-mounted solar diverter controller (SDV) provides automatic panel by-pass, preventing refrigerant heat loss throughout periods of inadequate solar gain.

Evaporating temperature control manages humidity in the indoor air, providing greater comfort and improving air quality.


The Emperor Series heat pump with Solarac was designed for affordable comfort. Not only will it lower your energy costs, but requires no additional servicing beyond your industry standard maintenance. The reduced cost of cooling and heating your home or office will quickly offset your smart investment. Call 3fficient or request a quote today, and experience for yourself the benefits of owning the Emperor heat pump.


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