Energy Star Benchmarking

Need to benchmark your buildings or get an Energy Star Certification?  Doing it yourself can be daunting and take “forever”.  3fficient makes the process super easy and inexpensive.

Simply select how many buildings you want benchmarked and request quote.  We’ll gather all the necessary data (with your approval) and get the job turned around in a couple days or less!

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To benchmark a building, utility data along with certain physical and operational characteristics are compiled and entered into the EPA’s Energy Star Portfolio Manager software to produce a standard performance report.  The EPA benchmarking report, reviewed and approved by a Certified Energy Manager, will: illustrate current EPA Energy Star rating and benchmark total energy performance compared to similar buildings. 

3fficient augments the report with a break down (disaggregation) of energy use by building system as well as a discussion of the potential EPA Energy Star rating and recommended next steps to achieve that result.

Benchmarking by 3fficient is a turnkey effort.  We will:

  1. create necessary portfolio manager account(s).
  2. compile, review and upload at least 12 months of electric, gas and water utility meter data into Energy Star Portfolio Manager software.
  3. compile customer provided and site surveyed building information. 
  4. analyze baseline energy and water use, benchmark against similar buildings in Energy Star database. 
  5. model proposed ratings and recommendations. 
  6. provide easy to read professional report(s) utilizing Portfolio Manager data and proprietary analytics.
  7. approve report by Licensed Professional and, if if applicable, submit directly to the local AHJ such as the city building department.

You only need to:

  • answer the free, 90 second, Quicklook survey (for initial property data and goals).
  • approve all applicable utility meter data and account sharing authorization(s), upon request.
  • allow full site access, with reasonable notice.

For up to 100% discounted fees, bundle with retro-commissioning services and/or Level 2 energy/water audits.

Note: Professional Service Terms & Conditions Apply. Pricing is based on building qty, utility meter qty, building square feet and number of site visits required. Additional travel, correction of missing or incorrect utility data and municipal reporting fees are extra.

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