Energy Storage for Freezers

Do you have walk-in or drive-in freezers?  Then, you are probably spending way too much on electricity each month.  Is it a mad scramble when you lose power?  3fficient’s phase change material provides passive energy storage for backup and big utility savings, delivering cold when it’s needed and absorbing it at other times to manage energy more effectively and protect your valuable frozen goods.  Best of all, paybacks are almost immediate with our exclusive rebates!  Click here to pre-register for up to 80% rebates.

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It’s probably no surprise that aside from labor, energy costs for refrigeration equipment is the biggest expense for the cold storage industry.  3fficient’s innovative cold storage packs bring dramatic energy cost savings to a rapidly expanding industry saddled with bloated energy bills.  Each self-contained pack uses patented phase change materials to passively stabilize product temperatures and allow refrigeration compressors to shut off during the heat of the day, often for many hours. No plumbing, wiring, structural or electrical engineering is needed. These tiny thermal energy storage packs work so well, the total energy savings often exceed 35%. Even more if demand normally drops off at night.

If you have solar, your refrigeration units can run off the solar power during the day – with the ice packs providing cooling when solar power is not available.  Even better, they provide passive back up cooling for hours and sometimes days to protect your valuable product should your refrigeration units go down.


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