Fácil Energy Management

Tired of sorting through utility bills trying to figure out where all your energy dollars are going?

Fácil makes energy management easy while paying for itself many times over.  Fácil’s brilliant A.I. continuously monitors energy use, on every circuit, throughout your building or facility, analyzing hundreds of thousands of data points and can alert you of issues that need attention, ways to save money, extend the life of your assets or accurately and clearly measure performance of your energy upgrades.

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Fácil is a cloud-based energy monitoring and management service that continuously and accurately tracks and analyzes demand and energy use on every circuit in your building or facility.  Fácil’s ever-improving artificial intelligence analyzes anomalies and trends so you can take action before equipment breaks down.

With Fácil, you don’t have to wait for the next utility bill for “sticker shock”.  From any internet-connected computer or any mobile device, you can conveniently access all your energy data and see exactly where and when your energy  is going or where you can save money.  Even the impacts of occupancy changes, remodels, energy upgrades and solar power systems can be clearly measured and verified.

If you are more hands on or want to save even more money, Fácil Pro, delivers automatic alerts whenever it spots any trends or anomalies that deserve attention. These are followed up with customizable benchmarking and performance reports so you can look like the pro that you are.

For owners and managers that don’t have an in-house pro or want to drive down utility costs, Fácil Premium, delivers detailed forecasting and expert insights from certified energy managers and experienced building engineers who will help you drive up savings while reducing costs and your carbon footprint.

For owners and property managers, Fácil’s PM add-on will even provide tenant billing for commercial or residential tenants for you.


Note: Subscription’s are billed annually.  Fácil submeters are required and can be purchased separately.

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