Facility Server Wireless Gateway (802.15.4)

Need to cut costs or make your spaces more flexible and secure?  Facility Server: Wireless Gateway is the hub of secure communications for all your building automation and control needs.  Avoid WiFi insecurities, migrate to self-healing Norad secure wireless building controls.  Cut wiring costs 70%.


The Facility Server / GW Wireless Manager enables a broad range of compatibility and wireless security independent of vulnerable WiFi solutions.  The GW Wireless Manager integrates and manages RF communications between a multiple wired and wireless devices, sensors and switches.  It receives signals from wireless thermostats, light switches, occupancy sensors, card readers, door window contacts, plug load controls and others sensors and securely processes those signals to the luminaires, HVAC units and other devices being controlled.

GW Wireless Manager is interoperable with any BACnet or oBIX compliant building management system. The GW Wireless Manager is designed to integrate wireless solutions with wired building automation systems and wireless end devices, such as EnOcean and ZigBee protocols and standards, into BACnet building automation systems.

The GW Wireless Manager’s printed circuit board is housed in a plastic shell, giving the device a neutral look for installation in institutional or commercial environments. Unlike the Universal Manager and the VAV Manager, there are no physical (wired) I/O connections on this GW Wireless Manager. The following connectors are concealed in the casing:

• CANbus
• Power supply

The GW Wireless Managers have embedded IEEE802.15.4, EnOcean and ZigBee wireless modules to enable bidirectional communication and control with compatible EnOcean and ZigBee end devices. The GW Wireless Managers communicate with each other wirelessly using an IEEE 8802.15.4 mesh network.  As such, communications are completely independent and secure of traditional WiFi or other interfering frequencies that are vulnerable to attacks.


GW Wireless Managers are fully programmable and designed with wireless Lighting and HVAC and security applications in mind.  Wireless end devices include light sensors, light switches, relays, thermostats, card readers, and magnetic door contacts.  This broad range of device compatibility provides a high level of technology future proofing and compatibility with ultra-low lifecycle cost.

GW Wireless Managers are targeted for installation in commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings.