PermaClean Solar Service

Tired of dirty windows or reduced output from solar panels?  PermaClean Glass is a self cleaning anti-static coating that prevents dust and other pollutants from contaminating glass thereby reducing or eliminating cleaning cycles and increasing performance.  Reduces liability and risk of cleaning.  Eliminates need for water and cleaning agents.  Even increases solar panel production an average of 10%.  Works on any glass or plastic surface.  Typical Payback: 1 year.



PermaClean Solar and Glass is an exterior coating that guarantees long lasting, high performance and clear visibility solar panels, windows, skylights and more.  Now you will maintain much higher solar yields or beautiful views without the risks, hassles and high costs of perpetual cleaning.

PermaClean is a self cleaning anti-static coating that repels dust, dirt and other pollutants from glass and poly-carbonate surfaces.  This super-hydrophylic coating allows water to sheet right off and whisk away any residual contaminants.  Even graffiti from paint and most markers wipes right off too!   Protects for 10+ years.


  • Solar PV panels
  • Glass windows, doors, clerestories, skylights and other architectural finishes
  • Plastic windows, skylights, signs and miscellaneous finishes

Great for:

  • Solar PV owners and operators who want to improve energy yields
  • Property managers who want to reduce cleaning and maintenance costs
  • Retailers who want to improve store front sales
  • Hotel managers who want to improve customer experience, window and glass cleaning costs


  • Increase solar energy yields
  • Reduce or eliminate cleaning costs and supplies
  • Reduce or eliminate water use
  • Reduce energy costs (more natural light means less artificial light)
  • Keep buildings looking clean and well maintained
  • Improve retail sales with better product display
  • Increase solar life from less cleaning and scraping
  • Get LEED points by eliminating harmful cleaning supplies
  • Eliminate liabilities and security from special cleaners

Product Characteristics:

  • Super hydrophylic
  • Anti-static
  • Self cleaning
  • Transparent
  • Weather resistant
  • 9H hardness
  • Strong adhesion to substrate
  • 100 Nanometer thickness
  • Roll or spray on, dries quickly. Fully cures in 24 hours.

Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 in

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