White Roof Coating Service

Tired of energy costs going through the roof?  Rather not re-roof?  Now there’s a low cost alternative.  Roof protect is a new, light weight coating that creates a reflective thermal barrier that resists dirt, mold, mildew, moisture and harmful UV rays.  Even better, it can be re-applied indefinitely – so your roof can last indefinitely.

  • Reflective, insulative coating increases thermal efficiency
  • Aesthetics and overall performance improved
  • Extends roof life indefinitely.
  • Typical ROI: 2 months.
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Re-roofing can be very costly. Since building codes and structural requirements typically prohibit you from adding more than two roofs to your building without tearing the roof off and starting new, Roof Protect avoids that costly nuisance.  Roof Protect is a white roof coating with advanced polymers that last much longer than traditional coatings. It’s light weight nano-technology can be re-applied over and over thereby extending roof life indefinitely.

Roof Protect has exceptional bond strength with most construction materials and substrates.  Roof Protect, with its high tensile strength, expands and contracts more like spring steel and will not become tacky over its useful life of 5 to 10 years depending on the maintenance (or abuse). Roof Protect has outstanding abrasion resistance and is an excellent water and moisture barrier. It has built-in UV inhibitors to prevent degradation and chalking and non-polluting mildewcides prevent the growth of algae and other fungii. Roof Protect keeps its bright white color and reflectivity for the life of the coating, ensuring long term energy savings and good looks.  Unlike conventional coatings, it can be applied to a clean surface without the use of a primer.  For optimal effectiveness and durability a minimum of two coats of Roof Protect should be applied. Protects for 10+ years.


  • Increases roof life indefinitely
  • Keeps roof white and flexible
  • Cuts energy use
  • Sustainable materials

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