Solarac is quite simply the most efficient unitary air conditioning and refrigeration system on the planet.  It is offered as a replacement or retrofit for newer multistage systems.  Solarac infuses solar thermal technology into the vapor refrigeration cycle to make HVAC/R systems 30% – 40% more efficient and up to 32 SEER when coupled to a new Emperor Series Heat Pump.


Solarac is a retrofit or replacement for HVAC/R systems.  The advanced solar collector converts heat from the sun into usable energy for direct injection into the ac refrigeration cycle which reduces the workload of the compressor(s). This is an economical upgrade for newer ac and refrigeration systems or replacement of older systems with the Emperor heat pump for efficiencies exceeding 28 SEER!

For comparison, most AC units prior to 2006 were only 10 SEER when they were new.  If your units are that old, we recommend a new Emperor heat pump with Solarac that is sure to cut your air conditioning or refrigeration costs by 50% – 66% overnight!

How does it work?

In cooling mode, Solarac raises the refrigerant temperature, typically provided by the compressor, and assists the refrigerant conversion from gas to liquid (the condensing cycle).

In heat-pump heating mode, Solarac inputs heat from the sun directly into the refrigerant that’s used for heating.  This reduces the compressor workload, minimizing or eliminating your demand for alternative fuels such as gas, oil, and electric heat. Solarac performs all year round.

Where does it work best?

The solarac will work in any climate where air conditioning is needed.  The hotter it gets, the better it performs (which is in stark contrast to standalone ac unit performance).

Where can it be mounted?

The Solarac solar panel can be rack, roof, ground or even pole mounted.  It just needs direct sunlight exposure available. 3fficient pre-engineers the design for optimal results and fast permitting (if required).

How does it compare to solar PV?

It would take 10 -20 solar PV panels to offset as much energy as one (1) Solarac-supported ac upgrade.  Obviously, you get a lot more bang for the buck on a much smaller footprint with Solarac.  For smaller roofs like homes, retail and restaurants, Solarac is the only option.

Is a new air conditioning unit required?

The Solarac conversion works on newer ac units with single or multi-stage compressors.  If your unit(s) are older or singles stage only, replacement with the Emperor Series unit usually pays for itself from savings very quickly and is the most economical option.

Is the Emperor loud?

On the contrary, the Emperor Series units are incredibly quiet and space saving.

  • The Emperor Series heat pump uses Silent Technology to deliver sound levels as low as 56dB.  That’s a little louder than a new refrigerator or half the volume of other standard home comfort systems.
  • With advanced blade design, the Emperor provides vortex suppression to reduce the sound of airflow exiting the unit, maintaining low noise levels even in high speed (full on) operation.
  • Insulated compressor compartments minimize operating noise with innovative, industry leading materials and sound isolating compressor mounts.
  • The Solarac solar component keeps your system running at lower speeds longer, when compared to a traditional DC inverter system, making an already quiet system… stay quiet longer.

How is it controlled?

The Emperor Series heat pump instinctively adjusts the output capacity, allowing the indoor temperature to remain at the desired setting without fluctuation.

When in heating mode, the, Solarac wall-mounted solar diverter controller (SDV) provides automatic panel by-pass, preventing refrigerant heat loss throughout periods of inadequate solar gain.

Evaporating temperature control manages humidity in the indoor air, providing greater comfort and improving air quality.


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