Strawberry Tree Iconic

The Strawberry Tree™ transforms dull urban spaces into connected, smart social hubs.  This self-powered urban furniture gives urban dwellers, commuters and visitors a place to recharge, socialize and be inspired.  Visitors can recharge their mobile devices, day or night under the brilliantly lighted canopy, connect to the internet, learn more about local happenings or just have a safe place to instantly alert public safety officials.  It’s beautiful and brilliant.  It has redefined the urban landscape.


The Strawberry Tree™ Iconic is a nature-inspired solar-powered charging station which can be dropped into public places such as parks, resorts and squares, providing passersby with the opportunity to charge their mobile devices and connect to the internet when they are outside.  Protected from diverse weather conditions by the tree’s lighted canopy, people can meet, chat and make new friends while their phones and tablets are being charged.  Go ahead, recharge your batteries and your spirit without the fossil fuel hangover.


  • Comfortable resting place with eaves for shading and weather protection
  • Smart lighting that knows when it’s time to dance with the music or alert public safety
  • Power adapters and outlets for all types of mobile devices
  • Instant alert and emergency activated monitoring for public safety
  • Solar panels that transform sunlight into energy
  • Smart energy storage that works up to 14 days without sunshine
  • Daily energy and environmental reporting
  • Installs in 1-day.  Foundation and assembly required.
  • Sustainable materials.

Comes with:

  • 6 cables for mobile devices (e.g. lightning, microUSB)
  • 4 USB ports
  • 2 wireless charging pads
  • Integrated LED lighting
  • WiFi ready (requires data plan)
  • Environmental sensors (temperature, humidity, air quality, air pressure, noise level)
  • Concrete foundations (1 large for tree, 3 small for bench)


  • 911 emergency button (blue light)
  • 911 security camera capture
  • Other sensors

Additional information

Weight 3000 lbs
Dimensions 138 × 143 × 172 in

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Tech Spec's


  • Canopy Height: 172″ (14′-4″ feet tall)
  • Canopy Area: 138″ x 143″
  • Bench Footprint: 165″ x 50″ x 17″ high


  • Up to 800,000 (10-minute) charges per year (most locations)
  • 4,500 charges without sunshine
  • 14 built in connectors (cables, USB ports)
  • Lighting: color controlled LED strip lighting along perimeter of canopy (underside)
  • Solar Array: 900w + option for more
  • Battery Storage: 360,000 mAh


  • 25 years on PV module output (mfr warranty)
  • 2 years on materials and workmanship
  • 1 year on cables
  • 1 year on batteries
  • Limitations apply.  Extended warranties and maintenance plans are available.

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