Professional Facilities Services

helping clients achieve sustainable cost reductions since 1994

3fficient professionals help make buildings more efficient, productive and sustainable.  Our building scientists and sustainability professionals have extensive knowledge and expertise in high performance buildings and clean energy. We successfully blend high tech data driven analytics with seasoned experience and customer engagement to achieve industry leading results.

Holistic.  Savings are maximized and achieved faster because we address water consumption, waste/recycling, energy supply and all of energy demand’s load segments (plug, lighting, process, thermal and HVAC) for the entire portfolio).

Data Driven.  Actionable information is used to prioritize activities, leading to more effective programs and more accurate identification of areas requiring improvement.

Engaging.  Cultural engagement with each client’s culture unlocks the savings potential of the entire organization, encouraging the organization to work with the program rather than against it.

Lean six sigma.  Technology is leveraged to multiply resources, generate more accurate results and identify hidden opportunities.

Measurable Results.  A robust measurement and verification program ensures that results are measured objectively and transparently, helping increase confidence in the program.

Proven.  Companies who work with us typically reduce their utility expenses and carbon footprints 20 to 80 percent.  3fficient provides a number of engineering and technical services.  To date, we have helped our customers save over $1 Billion (and counting).

Some of our more popular services include:

Energy Engineering.  Energy expertise runs deep here.  3fficient provides a variety of energy-related services from feasibility studies and master planning to design reviews and energy star or green building certifications.  Popular services include:

  • Demand and Energy Audits.  3fficient has delivered hundreds of energy assessments encompassing millions of square feet of space for all types of C&I customers.  Our holistic recommendations, backed by real-time analytics provide a roadmap of control strategies, equipment upgrades, self-generation, demand management and other utility options to lower costs and return optimal value.  Most importantly, 99% of our audits get fully implemented, resulting in significant energy and carbon reductions.
  • Retrocommissioning Studies.  3fficient Cx audits fix problems with existing controls, enhance the control and operation of existing equipment, and identify repairs/upgrades to existing equipment so it will operate more efficiently.  
  • On Site Generation Studies.  3fficient provides experienced recommendations for our clients in the areas of solar power, cogeneration, energy storage, fuel technology, microgrids and community energy.
  • Measurement & Verification Reports.  3fficient provides real-time and customized energy and sustainability performance reporting for all types of energy upgrades and sustainability initiatives.
  • Facility Condition Assessments.  3fficient FCAs deliver expert guidance to meet tax and public agency requirements and prioritize capital investments.
  • Sustainability Audits & Green Certifications.  Green certifications can sometimes be cost prohibitive.  3fficient professionals have the credentials and experience to minimize costs and provide guidance necessary for peak results.

Project Management.  3fficient provides seasoned expertise with all types of energy-related projects.  From remodels to new solar farms, 3fficient project management professionals have the expertise to avoid the pitfalls that can quickly diminish project results.

Facilities Management.  3fficient facilities management professionals provide assistance when in-house staffing is unavailable or cost prohibitive.

Energy Management.  3fficient provides professional oversight or energy management programs and in-house support for energy management.


  • We were really pleased how 3fficient educated us about energy efficiency, explored many options, came up with great "out of the box" solutions, and then walked us through the whole process.

    Larry Watt City of Encinitas / Director of Public Works
  • Your team provided a direction that was in line with our specific needs. The project leverages our natural Southern California resources, and saves taxpayers money on our already tight budgets.

    Don Bradley Cathedral City / City Manager
  • Your company's knowledge of LEED requirements is a refreshing change from the smoke screen that goes up when talking to firms with little experience.  Your fees were appropriate to the requirements and you completed the project in a timely manner.  Your assistance to our newly minted LEED AP was much appreciated.

    Stephen Johnson MW Services / SVP
  • This was an outstanding project from start to finish. Well done team. We will definitely consult with you again in the future.

    John Hickman City of Glendale / Director of Public Works
  • This project was very beneficial to us. Your expertise helped us develop an energy master plan while saving energy and building in additional automation so we can respond to different utility price signals immediately.

    Bob Markham City of Pasadena / Public Works Administrator
  • Your team has really helped us shave a bundle off our renovation plans, not to mention lowering future energy costs and improving tenant comfort.

    All the Doctors at Physicians Group Glendale Medical Office / All the Doctors
  • You guys sure turned our master planning upside down (in a positive way). It looks like we'll be a lot more efficient and provide service much more reliably than we have in the past and save more money than each year before.

    Mike Swanson Glendale Adventist Medical Center / Director, Operations (retired)
  • We are dedicated to providing a high quality experience for our guests as well as environmental stewardship. This project accomplishes both by making our facilities better performing, more reliable and energy efficient. Thanks for the creative solutions!

    John Stepanian Glendale Hilton / Director of Engineering
  • This is an excellent project which has greatly reduced our operating costs and control, extended the life of our equipment and most importantly improved guest comfort. Thanks for the creative ideas and making my job easier!

    Dennis Kinsley Starwood Hotels / Director of Engineering, Sheraton Harbor Island, San Diego
  • We were fighting an uphill battle against rising utility costs and low cost foreign competitors. Your analysis of our operations and the solutions to lower our water usage by 95% will make a huge difference to our competitiveness.

    Stephen Travis Oregon Cherry Growers / Executive Vice President
  • As a global manufacturer of building materials, we spend several hundred million a year on energy. So the slightest fluctuation wreaks havoc on our budgeting and materials prices. We are thankful for your help on our global energy management team and development of our enterprise-wide, real-time energy management program.

    Gary Groner Johns Manville / Global Energy Manager
  • In addition to the energy and maintenance savings, comfort (and productivity) of our employees has been greatly improved. Thanks for fixing our buildings and helping us keep our operating costs down. Great job team!

    Bill Lawrence VidFilm / Controller
  • Thanks for the help fellas. Business is very competitive and this projects helps us be competitive and more environmentally friendly. Good Job.

    Bill Rittwage Cal Offset Printer / Owner
  • This was a marquis project, not just for Port Hueneme, but for the entire US Navy. While the energy savings are substantial, even greater value will be realized through the replication and adoption of your innovative "net zero energy" building retrofit by other public and private sector organizations. Your engineering is certainly industry leading. Thanks for the leadership and service.

    Chris Karandang US Navy / Port Hueneme (Home of the Sea Bees)
  • Your management of the Load Curtailment (Demand Response) Program achieved phenomenal results and was a tremendous help to avoid blackouts for thousands of customers in our area (and the state). Above all, you treated our customers like gold working seamlessly as part of our team.

    Don Pappe Pasadena Water & Power / Director