Introducing SmartZero

Intelligent building improvements that cut operating costs

and put money back in your pocket.

Naturally Comfortable

Invisible nano-technologies that stop the sun’s heat and let in more natural light.   Integrate our smart LEDs and building AI, you’re utility will think you’ve gone on vacation.

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Clear insulation for windows and skylights.

Energy Independent

Cut utility bills up to 30% with our energy storage units that convert a/c, refrigeration and whole buildings into a super efficient hybrid.  Go net zero now and say “goodbye” to those utility bills forever.

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Easily Managed

Energy is far too expensive and complex to manage it by looking at a utility bill every month.   It need not be a full time job either.  With one simple device, Fácil can monitor and help manage energy use in every circuit of your building(s).  Eliminate energy waste, see how you compare to peers, monitor performance, re-commission systems automatically and get customized alerts and savings tips – all with one device.  Go ahead, be a star!

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The only smart meter that monitors every circuit, every minute.

And so much more…

If those aren’t enough, 3fficient has expertise with hundreds of smart solutions that will make your buildings, more efficient, productive and sustainable.

Zero out of pocket

3fficient works with many different grant/incentive programs and other funding sources to make purchasing painless.  So keep your check book closed and let us deliver the savings needed to re-invest in your facilities, your people and your operations.  Do more with less!  Be 3fficient.


Capital efficient process

  • Assess

    Get a free assessment to determine your best options for high performance improvements.

  • Engage

    Engage 3fficient as your project developer (financing and turnkey implementation optional).

  • Implement

    Implement 3fficient's high performance solutions with transparent performance monitoring.

  • Enjoy

    Enjoy the accolades from industry leading efficiency, productivity, sustainability and cost savings.

Proven results

Retrofitting buildings, campuses and portfolios to be more efficient and sustainable is no easy task.  At 3fficient, we are immersed in the science of making existing buildings super efficient.  Whether you have modest goals, want to go net zero or completely off grid, we’ve got you covered.  With over $1 Billion in energy savings and international awards to prove it, we can deliver maximum value at no added cost – paid from savings!

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