Introducing SmartZero

Eliminate energy, carbon and other costs with zero capital.

Would you like to substantially improve your margins while eliminating carbon?

We’ll make your buildings more efficient, productive and sustainable without draining your capital.

Clearly sustainable

Amazing new nano-technologies that block the sun’s UV and IR rays while letting in all the beautiful natural light.  Phase change materials that utilize a building’s own heat flows to reduce and balance energy use.  Long lasting coatings that keep your buildings healthy inside and out by protecting and repelling dirt, oil, water, rust, bacteria, odors and other environmental pollutants.  The result, high performance buildings that are passively efficient and sustainable.

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Smart and efficient

Brilliant lighting and comfort technologies that maximize efficiency with self-healing A.I. that continuously drives efficiency improvements and carbon reductions.

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Energy independent – zero carbon

Versatile integrated energy and storage that will take you from net-zero energy to actual zero carbon.  Bye bye energy bills!

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And so much more…

3fficient has expertise with hundreds of smart solutions that will make your buildings, more efficient, productive and sustainable.

Zero out of pocket

No up front costs mean your balance sheet is safe so you can focus on your business – not bloated utility bills and operating expenses.  Let 3fficient redirect those expenses back into your operations, your people and your brand.  Do more with less!  Be 3fficient.

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Easy process.  Get started now!

  • Engineer

    We'll benchmark your energy costs and compare among hundreds of options for optimal performance. Click image for free assessment.

  • Install

    Fast design and implementation with transparent commissioning and performance monitoring.

  • Enjoy

    Enjoy the accolades from industry leading efficiency, productivity, sustainability and cost savings while our intelligent A.I. continues to drive even deeper savings.

Proven results

Retrofitting buildings, campuses and portfolios to be more efficient and sustainable is no easy task.  At 3fficient, we are immersed in the science of making existing buildings super efficient.  Whether you have modest goals, want to go net zero or completely off grid, we’ve got you covered.  With over $1 Billion in energy savings and international awards to prove it, we can deliver maximum value at no added cost – paid from savings!

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