Buildings are woefully inefficient.

They waste 30% – 50% of all energy supplied. A lot of energy equity is locked up inside and 3fficient has the key.

Engineered Savings

We aggregate grants, incentives and savings then pour that back into your business, people and brand.

Starting with energy.

We make existing buildings so efficient, the grid is almost an afterthought. Wouldn’t you rather do more with your funds? Maybe invest in your people or your business instead of big fat utility bills?

Energy Efficiency

3fficient’s energy upgrades make buildings super efficient and comfortable. Here’s a few of the many technologies we use that are guaranteed to make a big impact.

Liquid Window Insulation

Invisible nanotech coatings that block UV and infrared heat to reduce a/c loads.

Sun Shield

Durable, sunblock for your roof that extends roof life indefinitely

PCM Thermal

Thermal materials that passively absorbs heat to save on a/c loads


Solar thermal that cuts HVAC loads by 30%

Super Heat Pump

Doubles a/c efficiency

Lifetime LEDs

Beautiful aut-adjusting lighting makes everyone more productive and healthy without the cost.

+ hundreds more…

Smart Energy

3fficient’s smart microgrids provide secure, reliable power, eliminating dependence on the archaic utility grid. Here’s a few technologies we use.

Solar PV

Architecturally integrated. Maximized value.

Micro Wind

Urban wind that outshines solar.


Give your building a brain. Automation, optimization algorithms, trending, alerts, reporting and more. Life just got easier.

Solar Thermal

Smart heating that “just works”


30% lower cap-ex. 40% lower op-ex

So what are you waiting for?

See what we can do for you.