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Strawberry Tree

Freecharging for everyone!

Introducing the world’s first solar charging tree.  The Strawberry Tree™ is a nature-inspired solar-powered charging station which is permanently installed in public places such as parks, resorts and squares, providing passersby with the opportunity to charge their mobile devices and connect to the internet for free when they are outside.  Protected from diverse weather conditions by the partial roofing, people can meet, chat and make new friends while their phones and tablets are being charged.  Go ahead, recharge your batteries and your spirit without the fossil fuel hangover.

Strawberry Tree on Campus

No adapter? No problem!

Come sit down and relax or connect with new friends.  Recharge while you recharge.  Now you can charge up all your mobile devices – day or night.  With or without cables, we’ve got you covered.  Each Tree comes equipped with a bunch of popular cable adapters (e.g. Apple or Android), USB outlets or wireless charging (not shown).

Beautiful and Enduring

The Strawberry Tree Black exudes timeless elegance while blending harmoniously with its natural surroundings.  The beautiful lines mimic nature while complimenting nearby architecture of all styles.  It helps re-connect us with nature and our our fellow man.  It allows us to re-charge our batteries while recharging our spirit – in nature and with new friends.  Each Tree is designed and built to last for decades of sustainable use.  Every Tree is constructed of high quality, locally sourced materials, assembled locally and loaded with green credits.

Strawberry Tree compliments Historic Architecture
Strawberry Tree in Use

Make a lot of new friends!

Planting a Strawberry Tree means giving each individual in the community a chance to better understand clean green technologies.  Mobile devices are ubiquitous and everyone loves being green!  Each  Strawberry Tree™ is a stunning illustration of sustainability and makes renewable energy sources more accessible to everyone.  They’re beautiful, durable, economical, save natural resources and have mass appeal.  What more can you ask for?

In just two years, we’ve already “planted” 13 Strawberry Trees that feed over 400,000 mobile users.  Our users have already saved  enough energy to:

Orbit the earth 15,000 times while talking on the phone

Listen to 37,000,000 songs on an MP3 player

Watch the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy 180 times on big screen TV!

Works around the clock.

Each Strawberry Tree™ provides power 24/7.  In some cases, lasting up to 3 weeks without sunshine.

Ideal for Public and Private Campuses!

Public Parks
Educational Campuses
Private Resorts and Office Parks

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Loaded with green cred...

Strawberry Tree™ is sourced with local materials and assembled with labor locally.  Each Strawberry Tree avoids energy usage from fossil fuels and contributes up to 21 LEED points.

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  • Smart LED lighting with special multi-color effects
  • Environmental sensing, including: temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, CO2
  • Public and/or Private WiFi extender or communications
  • Bench seating and shade for 14+ people
  • Completely self powered (no grid needed)
  • Rechargeable batteries enable full functionality for up to 21 days without sunshine
  • Power adapters and outlets for popular devices, phones, cameras, mp3 players etc.
  • Smart energy management to maximize energy production, storage and communications
  • Manufacturers warranty
  • Daily usage and activity reports


  • Additional sensors such as air quality, wind, irradiance, etc.
  • Digital media or touch screens
  • Touchless POS for “sponsors” or payments
  • Security, surveillance and public address
  • Custom Landscaping
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Available in the U.S. exclusively from 3fficient.

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